Brandy will probably tell you her boobs look better in 3D…

May 29, 2009

I’m sure that we’ve all wondered, at one time or another, what a cartoon strip starring Brandy and I might look like.

Thanks to the explosively talented Kevin LeBlanc, who turned my half-assed words into pretty pictures, you don’t have to wonder any longer!


(Notice that I am sitting at the end of the couch, while Brandy seems to be trying to sit as close to me as possible.  Just sayin’.)

Because I’m kind of a dork, instead of writing one script for Kevin to draw, I wrote five.

Here are the ones we didn’t choose:

Strip option #1

Panel 1
Peter: People have asked me why we aren’t dating.
Brandy: Sober people?

Panel 2
Peter: I am not sure how to answer them.
Brandy: How about with: Because you’re smug, conceited, sarcastic…

Panel 3
Brandy: …a pain in the ass, a know it all, AND you’re painfully self-absorbed.

Panel 4
Peter: Think vertical stripes would me me look too lanky?

Strip Option #2

Panel 1
Brandy: My day was a massive ball of sucking.
Peter: Hmm. I dated her in college. Linda… maybe?

Panel 2
Brandy: You went to college?
Peter: Sporadically.

Panel 3
Brandy: Aren’t you going to ask why my day sucked?
Peter: Why did your day suck?

Panel 4
Brandy: I don’t want to talk about it.
Peter: I wonder if Linda is on Facebook.

Strip option #3

Panel 1
Brandy: Do these sandals make my toes look chubby?
Peter: Yes.

Panel 2
Brandy: At any point did that seem like a smart reply to you?
Peter: No.

Panel 3
Brandy: And yet that’s what you said?
Peter: Yes

Panel 4
Brandy: Do you ever wonder why you are single?
Peter: Well someti– Noooo.

Strip option #4

Panel 1
Brandy: The date tonight.. I don’t think he liked me
Peter: I don’t believe it

Panel 2
Brandy: It’s true
Peter: Madness!

Panel 3
Brandy: He seemed… disinterested.
Peter: He’s a fool. A fool!

Panel 4
Brandy: Thank you for being so sweet.
Peter: Bad time to admit I was talking about the old judge on Dancing With The Stars?


Thanks so much for checking out our STOG posts this week.  Make sure to read Brandy’s post this afternoon.  And come see us on our own blogs!


30 Responses to “Brandy will probably tell you her boobs look better in 3D…”

  1. Sid said

    I’m a little disturbed by the fact that the cartoon you has no nose …

    • Maybe cartoon Brandy is stinky?

      (I should say that I’m sure real Brandy isn’t stinky, even though I’ve probably just earned myself an angry e-mail from her.)

  2. I’m laughing out loud! I like strip option 2. Maybe consider creating more strips for the future?

  3. Kendall said

    #3 – by far my favourite.

  4. Matt said


    I love this.

  5. this is awesome. although i think you should have went with strip #1. hilarious!

  6. MJ said

    Thanks for doing this. I was up all night wondering what a cartoon strip starring Brandy and you might look like.

    I often sing to my boyfriend, “Jack’s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.” I dance while I sing. He must be really embarrassed of me.

  7. Amanda said

    Ha! I think the best script was chosen…the cartoon Brandy’s facial expression in panel #3 is hi-larious.

  8. brandy said

    Amanda, that’s really close to how I actually look every morning before 7 am. True story.

  9. bethie said

    This is great! I want to see more of the Brandy and Peter comic strip….like every day? Please??

  10. Shelley said

    I bet this whole week of emphatic denial will end with an engagement announcement.

  11. Hope said

    This is probably my most favourite post of yours. Ever.

  12. brookem said

    brandy your 3-D rack and peter your 3-D…. sneakers? are amazing.

  13. Amber said

    Hilarious! You guys should keep this up… Love the stog!

  14. deutlich said


    That strip is awesome.

  15. shine said

    Can you just make them all please?

    There’s a dude who makes $2000+ per weekend insulting people at Scarborough Fair (yes, I went. Shut up. I didn’t pay to go). The least you can do is make all the cartoons.

    I’m not sure what one had to do with the other.

  16. Essentially Me said

    I loved this!! And you guys too!

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