The Difference Between Peter and I is like the difference between Michael Phelps and a sinking stone. I am the stone.

May 26, 2009

You know, when Peter talked to me about the idea of STOGGING, I said yes before I even really thought about who I would be writing with. Peter. Peter the published author. Peter who has swarms of fans who live and breathe for his posts. Peter who is creative and funny and makes blogging not boring with his writing talents. Peter the published author. Have I mentioned Peter is a published author?

I was thinking of how to best address the differences between Peter and I (I’m referring to writing style, not the obvious differences of him being a boy and me a girl and the fact that I’m a hobbit and he’s a giant), when I realized that I had the perfect opportunity with todays topic. The idea of “creativity”.  See, Peter can go drink a *fresca and come to his computer and whip up some thought provoking, sigh inducing piece of writing and I’m going to show you what I passed off in university as “art”. Be prepared:


I’m serious.

And not only did I pass it off as “art”, I had to present it to my university class with a straight face. The assignment was “find art in nature”. The problem was I spent the night before drinking $1 draft beers and flaked on the assignment. By the time I remembered it was due, I was in serious panic mode. I channeled Kate Gosselin and had my boyfriend at the time outside in his boxer shorts rolling snow while he suffered through the tequila sweats. I had no idea what I was doing but I remember my presentation focused on climate change, “art in motion” (a phrase I picked up from the other presenters) and I might have tried to connect the photo to Darfur. I got an A on the assignment but spent an awkward 30 minutes after class listening to my professor lecture  me on taking university more seriously and explaining to me that one day “your words won’t be able to save you”.

Thankfully I take the STOG more seriously than university.

*I have no idea if Peter drinks fresca. I just assume he does. I always assume really creative people drink fresca. It’s like the drink of high minded individuals who bleed creative genius.


8 Responses to “The Difference Between Peter and I is like the difference between Michael Phelps and a sinking stone. I am the stone.”

  1. Gramps said

    Crap. I thought creative people drank alcohol. I’m going to have to adjust my strategy.

  2. Ha! “Art in motion.” Well played.

    I have a question though…

    Why are you so nice to me in front of people, but in the privacy of e-mails you are ever so mean?

  3. i like your art. i hate fresca. what does that say about me?

  4. dimensha said

    i love it! i also love the fact that even though your prof publicly berated you for not taking uni seriously, he still gave you an A.

  5. Clearly he drinks fresca.

  6. Carley said

    just goes to show that your art is in your words not in pictures… but gotta love the “art in motion” I would’ve love to hear you talk your way out of that one.

  7. ok, this is just hysterical.

  8. Christina said

    sweet. i love putting things off til the end and then getting an A. way to BS them.

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