like you mean it

May 26, 2009

i wonder if you’re
hearing the words
the way that i am
hearing the words
the way they were meant
it’s not the kudos
it’s really not
though it’s lovely
and appreciated
but it would take more than that
more than praise is needed
to convince one
to spend so long
over words
over meanings
over cadence
and over again
it’s not just the cadence…
it’s not just the cadence
that resonates with me
it’s the words
saying so much more
about me than them
or us
it’s not what we don’t know
but what we do
what we always have
that trips us up
words pulled forth
by a smile
a flash of creation
would be disappointing
if they felt like enough
yet I need to
you know…
i want to write something
i want to write something that
makes people feel
like they are reading something
i want to force
involuntary smiling nods
i want to write
that is more than just
a combination of words
i want to find a greater truth
i want to write
that makes people say
“yes.  yes!”
i want to lift up
and up
i want to make goosebumps form
i want to write
that by any measure
is good
really, really good.

I want you to read it.


8 Responses to “like you mean it”

  1. sid said

    Too long. My ADD self couldn’t get past the 5th line =)

    • If you would have stopped after “Too long.” I could have replied with “That’s what she said.” And we all would have laughed and laughed. Way to be a ruiner.

  2. Matt said

    So I am late to this blog but I think this is awesome.

    You and Brandy? together on a blog?

    Best thing since vlogs.

  3. Amanda said

    yes. yes!

    (Was that completely predictable?)

  4. Colleen said

    I did read it. And I nodded. Laughed and said “yes” out loud.

    Were you watching?

  5. dimensha said

    i love to read, but i hate poetry. i struggle through e. fricking e. cummings. (or should that be e.e. fricking cummings?) yourpoetry on the other hand, is captivating, and i actually look forward to your next one. so here is your praise, heartfelt as it is. i don’t know what else to give you.

    also, i don’t know if the change in font at the end was intentional or not, but i think it punctuates your poetry quite nicely.

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